Do, or do not… there is no try…

Day 7 (6/11/2013) : Energized

Well, it’s been 6 days so far – to be honest, I missed Saturday’s workout because of soreness, and Sunday’s due to laziness – and I took today’s off day yesterday and will be working out today instead. I am going to be making up the two I missed this past weekend during my off days coming up so that I have done all the workouts I am supposed to have done. Saturday I just couldn’t help – my legs were in so much pain that there was no way that I was going to risk injuring myself doing that workout. Some people may see that as a copout… I see it as not wanting my damned legs to fall off. 

I started taking the Joebees and the fat burners (Lipo 6 Unlimited) yesterday. I can already tell a huge increase in my energy – and I don’t feel all tweaky like I would with ephedra or caffeine or anything. I have yet to go grocery shopping, which sucks, but I have REALLY watched what I have been eating and am down almost four and a half pounds already in just the first 6 days. Goes to prove that when I say my body doesn’t naturally carry weight, it’s true. I know this kind of weight loss won’t continue – the first ten pounds always fall off easily, they say, and it’s true – but for now, it’s nice to see results. I am not basing my success or failure on the scale, because with this program building muscle the scale won’t show as much weight loss as you would think – but, it’s a good barometer. And it keeps me going seeing the numbers continuously going down, no matter how slow. 

All in all, I feel great. The workouts are a screaming bitch, and my body keeps giving out at the 30 minute mark, but again… at least I am doing each workout (well, I WILL be) when I am supposed to be, and as much of them as I can. I am already FEELING healthier, which is awesome. I honestly think I can see a tiny bit of change in my body, and that’s a GREAT feeling. I have a long way to go, but I have a couple really cool things coming up when this Insanity thing ends that are keeping me focused. 

One… I used to sing with a band out of Dayton called Heythere Morgan, and I recently went up and did a reunion set of sorts down in Lima on May 24th with them. I weighed 212 pounds at the time… not good. They’re playing in Columbus on August 10th – 3 days after my completion date – and I want to try to be in the 180’s by the time I go see them. Even if it’s just 189, I will have lost 23 pounds since they last saw me, and I want to see how much they notice. Also, on August 3rd, I am going to a concert with my best friend Maria, whom I haven’t seen since February – and I was close to 210 then. So I’d love for HER to notice a big change in my appearance, also… 

Are these reasons vain? Yup. Do I care? No. I want to get back to feeling good, and part of that is looking good. I am so tired of being onstage singing or playing bass and knowing that I look like a stuffed sausage – I miss being in shape and looking nice up there. Especially in a cover band, there’s so much competition that you need to have an edge on people, and being all fat and slovenly is no way to get there. I am 37, after all, and I don’t look it – and I want to keep it that way, because I am getting dangerously close to looking my age – which scares the shit out of me. Besides… I know all my friends see how big I’ve gotten and are just being polite. I want that to end as soon as possible. 

Doing the workout after work today before I head in to Pizza Hut for the second job. Considering that I will have to shower before heading in, and I always shower afterwards, that’ll be three showers for me today. Can’t say I lack for hygiene…


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